What is new and different in the 21st century?

What is our renewed mindset?

"Only when the leaders of public and private organisations have shifted their mindsets to make their organisation a 3.0 typology will we be able to reach the expected Global Goals."


- Philip Koenig

Human Centricity - Human fundamental needs, epigenetics - transdiscipline between psychology, health, biology, well being, happiness, purpose, intrinsic motivation, ​presence, mindfulness, positive constructive, intuition, creativity, post-conventional think & acting, design thinking, non violent communication, human development, empathy, compassion, know myself, inclusive, action logics and structures of interpretation, open minds, heads and hearts, left right many "brains", anthropology, mythology, archetypes, 10 human dimensions and restoring full potential

Broader Perspectives - Being, presence, intuitive, energizing, regenerative, emergent, complex, transversal, hologramic, systemic, integral, holistic, paradigm shifts, disruptive, transdisciplinary, federal, direct democracy, autonomy, sovereignty, coherence, transparency, dynamic balance, continuous listening

and learning

© Sandrine Koenig

Swiss Global Compact Dialogue
2nd February 2017
Geneva Global Goals Innovation Day
24th March 2017

Upcoming Events

By and for Greater Geneva, Switzerland & the World

These are groundbreaking events that could serve your town, country, business, public and private sectors.

Join us to promote the same type of actions in your networks and accelerate the movement.

We want to listen and be inspired by your experiences; together we make a difference.

Only 3.0 people can create 3.0 organisations as described by Business School Lausanne

and University of St-Gallen. Business Sustainability Typology.

Only 3.0 organistions will allow us to become regnerative for people, planet,

profit, prosperity by 2030 and ensure that the world reaches the Global Goals.

We can unleash 3.0 people in 21st century schools for all ages.

G21 Swisstainability
29/30th June 2017
ISG Education Conference
14th January 2017

Are you looking for an Integrator, 

Innovator, Initiator & Energiser?

We accompany you, your natural leaders, your stakeholders, your organisation, value chain and communities through your transitions by...

Awakening intrinsic motivators and giving others courage to embark on a new journey


Energising hearts and minds to mobilise transformation

Realigning purpose, intentions, thinking, speaking and acting - starting with listening

Leveraging collective intelligence, complementary skills, talents and potential through connecting siloes - human and functional 

Accelerate co-creation, collaboration, knowledge, experience and wisdom sharing

Driving continued momentum through a conscious culture that actively accelerates paradigm changing impacts within society and across the planet.