• Actualize all scientific knowledge to 21st century across all sciences, human, life and hard, and especially the transdisciplinary emergence like epigenetics, Fab Labs, etc.

  • Share and embody the wisdom of all the great traditions to accelerate human development like yoga, meditation, mindfulness, ayurveda, tao, zen, buddhism, sufism, Yi king, etc to embrace faiths.

  • Bring both of these perspectives into the conventional arena by leveraging the meta framework of the 17 UN Global Goals. How? By implementing this locally in hotspots. Hotspots are defined as the city-regions where 3.0 people act within public and private 3.0 organisations; these have labs to accelerate and co-create a regenerative society. 

21st Century Actualisation

Education 21


The latest scientific discoveries and knowledge that should be integrated within all education systems and schools for all ages are:


  • Neurosciences: Looking at all the different connections between body and brain and the six senses; including intuition which is needed for innovation and creativity.


  • Neurocognitivism: The human positive outcome of neurocognitivism is that we are able to optimize our learning to learn capacities and capabilities by overcoming our shadows and other immunity to change schemes; conscious and/or unconscious.


  • Epigenetics: A transdisciplinary approach of psychology, how we perceive ourselves, others and the world, our mindsets, values and worldviews, and how it affects our body, biology, chemistry, immune system and genes, and vice versa. Our genes carry the perceptions and feelings of our ancestors; this is why we also need to remove our transgenerational burdens in order to live here and now with healthy minds and bodies.  


       Deeper dive into epigenetics with Bruce Lipton

       Deeper dive into transgenerational decoding: 

































As a consequence, the renewed curriculum would include human development, transversal projects and the UN Global Goals via transdisciplinary approaches.


Schools for all ages are human-centric and satisfy our human fundamental needs through a dynamic, participative and collaborative approach; schools are lived and lead by a humanizing mobilizing and transforming leadership.


  • We invest in human development in all societal organisations

  • We develop all 10 anthropological dimensions of the individual

  • We develop the feel and sharing for emotions, feelings, critical thinking, out of the box actions

  • We are allowed to fail and learn continuously, collaboration, individual and collective activities are lived in right balance, collective intelligence is lived and accepted as a way of life  work, and societal decision making, leading to democracy 3.0


The school is a center of the community. Through parents, the school has harmonious ties with the local population, businesses, politics, police, banks; by building trusting relationships, knowing each other, sharing R&R, common visions of the future and values. Fab Labs in schools can increase the traffic, trust and relationships between various actors of the community. It becomes the bases for a knowledge and sharing economy, creating infinite value potentials at zero marginal costs. As such, we have the foundation for the next revolution that goes beyond industrial to a regenerative revolution of life in all its forms.


The school is a part of the community ecosystem and socio-economical system. It responds to needs and evolutions for society. It is updated on latest knowledge, wisdom and technology, human sciences and pedagogy. It is a learning organisation that reveals the potentials of its students, and its community.


It is the place where the population become global citizens of the 21st century. They learn to build, integrate and nourish a multicapital system and the 17 UN Global Goals. This will result in every house/ building becoming autonomous in water, healthy food - grown via permaculture - and renewable energy at affordable costs, based on subsidiarity principles.


A great example of a school that is integrating these 21st century sciences and UN Global Goals as a meta framework to reinvent our society is the International School of Geneva:




Health 21


Health 21 takes a holistic perspective of the human being, we will take into account the 10 dimensions suggested by anthropology. We will also look at the brains; gut, heart and head. In the head we will address as much left brain, right brain, frontal lobe, pineal gland and complementary life and humanizing functions.We are what we eat; food is our best preventive maintenance for body, mind heart and soul.


Based on these premises, holistic health looks at maintaining a balanced, dynamic and energetic equilibrium of the whole and the parts.


This is bringing back to the future all the wisdom of the Great Traditions, in terms of holistic medicine from China - such as Taoism and traditional medicine; and from India with Ayurveda.


How do we know when we are in Health 21?

Today society is driven by risks, costs. Tomorrow it should be driven by health preservation, investment systems; we pay to stay healthy.

Epigenetics and meditation are lived in all organisations, schools, businesses, state organisations and communities. We embody and understand, and we use for ourselves and to improve consciously our relationships with others, the whole, the planet, minerals, plants and animals. Thus we are living in a regenerative society.

Please see above for references on neuroscience and epigenetics. 

Definition: What is Transgenerational Decoding?
Biodecoding is a process of awareness through the physical body that shows us the disorder through pain and diseases that devastate it, the mental body that with its judgments creates guilt and the         emotional body that shows us the fear that it paralyzes. This awareness allows us to cut with painful ties from the past, not only from the shocks experienced in our ordinary life, but also from those that are part of our genetic inheritance to transmute them through unconditional love. This transformation is not only incorporated by the individual who works and experiences it, but also by their ancestors and, of course, their successors. Accepting and feeling what happens to us and realizing that all of this can be left behind and being released, is an active part of the liberation of the pain retained in these memories and the result is our own liberation.


Practicioner website 

Testimony from Swiss TV: