Philip Koenig

As a design thinker, strategic connector and organisational consultant, Philip leverages 30 years of embodying successful business and societal transformations into his consultancy, collaborative networks/projects and strategic inputs. To give you an idea of his experience, Philip has enabled catalytic change in the business, education and societal sector. Having interacted in trusting spaces with Rajmohan Gandhi, Sir Mark Moody-Stuart, Kofi Annan and Mikhail Gorbachev, Philip’s insights are reinforced as a timely - and necessary - eye-opener for any business, or city/region.

Integrator.... Take the best, most advanced & meaningful

Innovator....  Co-create synergies and unleash high potentials

Initiator.......  Set the stage and cristilise new new transversal transdisciplinary projects

Energiser.....  Walk, talk with people and organisations & motivate long-term so transformations stick

Philip's Story

After meeting key people at the 20th anniversary of Green Cross, Philip later became a fellow of the World Academy of Arts and Science. His full circular approach from intuition, concepts, planning, execution and continuous improvement to intuition, enables full conceptual and practical integration. As a practitioner of the ‘U Theory’ of Otto Scharmer who has lead to breakthroughs and paradigm shifts, his natural competencies were defined as “input, learn, innovate, maximize and achieve” by Strengths Finder 2.0.

“This business paradigm shift is the most important contribution of Caterpillar to its dealers in 50 years” - Caterpillar dealership, Middle East 



Having worked with Caterpillar for 12 years, Philip was defined as being a corporate ‘integrator, innovator, initiator and energiser’. He was a key player in a corporate Caterpillar think-tank for 6 years which strengthened the organisation’s position on the Dow Jones Index of Sustainability (DJIS). The think-tank also helped 10 of the most mature dealers to reposition themselves uniquely as they implemented it’s outputs; bringing to life all the proposed positive impacts on people, planet, profit and prosperity. 

“We would not have come out of the 2008-2010 crisis as effectively without the new integrated business model and value propositions” - European Caterpillar Dealer



Since 2012 Philip has worked to:

  • Understand what inhibits organisational sustainability and why finance does not allow corporations to change business models / value propositions, to create the ‘win, win, win, win’ people, planet, profit and prosperity


  • Identify the difficulties for organisations in creating emergence and solve complex problems; from a people, cultural, organisational and systemic meta perspective 


  • Co-create a foundation based on a successful transformational experience in the value chain of a multinational business model, and a regenerative value proposition


  • Seek sister organisations and strategic partners to generate the momentum and credibility necessary to change our mindsets at a human, organisational and societal levels


  • Define a framework and the strategic pillars for society to become regenerative with an integral perspective that is relevant in the 21st century; incorporating growth in awareness, area of care, health, education, construction, agriculture, accounting and governance.


  • Support the implementation of the UN Global Goals through UN Global Compact in a concrete context; by answering basic economic and human needs in an inclusive, circular, short-circuited and regenerative way


  • Test and prototype through Valais and Switzerland

Operational actions since 2016:

  • Maintaining the momentum of worldwide pilot projects by accompanying founders and first clients; in London, Brussels, Quebec, India and Columbia to harness synergies and theory of practice.

  • Philip is also engaged in creating a flagship societal transition project for the 21st century to reach the UN Global Goals by 2030. He is currently active in doing this in and for:

  • Switzerland; based on the uniqueness of the direct democracy, federalism, shareholders of the Swiss National Bank (SNB), think-tank CH2048, Swiss NGO the Global Footprint Network (GFN), the Swiss Green Economy Symposium and University of St. Gallen, etc… 


  • Geneva, Lake Geneva area; based on the uniqueness of Reformation, the Geneva motto ‘post tenebras lux’ (there is always light after the darkness), UN, international corporations, G21 Swisstainability, Business School of Lausanne, EPFL and Commeire/Montagne Alternative

Challenges and next steps:

  • Join a neutral, independent, apolitical and non-religious credible organisation that’s empowered to unite all societal stakeholders and work collaboratively for the common greater good and each stakeholder

  • Be valued as a long-term strategic connector and intuitive transformer 

  • Replicate the Commeire spirit and services in various places in the Geneva area



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