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Geneva, Switzerland Office:

Philip Koenig

+41 78 697 1306

UK-London Lab:


C/O Burning4Change

Alan Dean

+44 1322 614000


Columbia-Bogota Lab:


C/O IofC Columbia

Maria Del Corral

Camilo Villa



C/O Pierre Antoine Barraile

Ch. de la Jaque 45

CH-1093 La Conversion, Switzerland

+41 21 534 0406

Quebec-Montreal Lab:


C/O Rino Levesque

465, Rue Saint Jean
Montreal, Quebec

We are convinced that confederal societal models are best suited to support quick, wise and democratic transitions and ensure

long-term thriveability.

Geneva is uniquely positioned to leverage the UN, all the international organisations, the private banking and the greater Geneva area to be a lighthouse for the UN Global Goals societal transitions.

All organisations public and private are ready to transition and shape the future we want and implement labs-hubs-Skunkworks type sub-organistions. In all lighthouse city-regions there will be labs of labs to connect the private and public labs to fully live Global Goals #16 Peace and #17 Partnerships.

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Belgium-Brussels Lab:


C/O Listen

Quentin de Pret