Tackling Complexity

A fundamental reference for all leaders and pioneers - in business, city-regions, global and local communities - engaged and involved in the transitions related to the UN Global Goals and the UN Global Compact Initiatives.

Author Gilbert Probst is active at the Universrity of Geneva and WEF - World Economic Forum.

"This important new book analyses real world strategy and policy challenges, addressing the interconnectedness of the markets/systems we live in. It provides a step-by-step approach using systems thinking to solve complex problems in socio-political as well as business environment. It proposes a technique with which to better understand the problems and the context in which they arise, and tools to directly inform each step of the decision-making process. The book explores the main innovation that systemic thinking introduces – the emphasis on defining the problem creating system, which is made up of interacting parts, rather than prioritizing events that need immediate fixing."

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Strategic Connector 

Societal Transition Consultant

Architect of Complex Projects

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