Societal 3.0

"Currently, most societal actors behave with a silo mentality and perspective. This is why so many of us are stuck and living a reoccurring crisis. We accompany your organisation's movement into a synergetic and then systemic mindset, culture and structure."  

"We work with you to identify the 3.0 people who currently have 3.0 mindsets and worldviews within your organisation. Our team will also support the creation of the required lab to generate your organisation's 3.0 business

sustainability typology 3.0."

    What do we mean by 3.0? 

    An organisation that has the capacity and capability to:

  • Create value for the common good

  • Involve all stakeholders

  • Act from an outside-in and inside-out multi-capitalistic perspective; people, planet, profit.

  • Optimise human, environmental and economic capitals

  • Two Swiss universities have defined business sustainability typology 3.0 for corporations and SMEs. Only the 3.0 typology allows us to reach the UN Global Goals by 2030.

  • We propose to extrapolate what is true for business to be true for all societal organisations.

       - Academia; schools of all ages 

       - Banks; financial, investment institutions, family offices and pension funds

       - Government; state institutions, ministries and public services

       - Health and wellbeing

       - NGOs, Associations, Foundations, Charities and Trusts

       - Political Parties

       - Councils; County and District 


           ... And all others

  • We can only reach the societal sustainable 3.0 typology when all societal organisations reach their own 3.0 typology; we are all connected and interdependent. 

  • How do we do this? All organisations need to create their own labs, and a lab of labs would become the owner of the common greater good we call Societal Sustainable 3.0 Typology.

What do we mean by labs?


A lab is a more flexible and open-minded space that seeks to innovate, co-create, design and accelerate transitions to reach the UN Global Goals.

This is where sciences 21, transdisciplinarity and transversal disruptive projects will emerge.


The 3.0 people need to be in these labs to create the 3.0 typology for their organisations.

This is a systemic view of interdependent 3.0 organisations which are connected via their respective labs and the 'lab of labs'.

Business Labs

Charities, NGOs & Foundations Labs

Political Parties Labs

United Nations Labs

Societal Labs


Finance & Investment Labs

Government & State Ministries Labs

Academia & Schools Labs