• Make all buildings autonomous in water food and sustainable energy

  • Create interconnected ecosystems of societal and business Labs with 3.0 people to redesign 3.0 typology organisations according to BSL business sustainability typology. 

  • Implement multi-capital scorecards in a multi-capital reporting system supported by notation agencies, auditing, consulting to optimise alignment of pioneer transitions with investments, tax laws and subsidies 

  • Initiate city region hotspots on all continents where a 21st century education, health and accounting system is adopted and managed e.g. via resilience.io tool. 

  • Reinventing a financing system that integrates crowd-funding, banks, pension funds, private banks, systemic banks and tax breaks and incentives. These new systems should reward pioneers, right 3.0 behaviours and integral decision making processes which are crystallised e.g. via blockchain technology on resilience.io.

Transformational Wedges