Valais 2020 & Valais 21

Valais 2020

Philip met 50 leaders from banking, education, business, state government, political parties over a year to define common grounds in vision and values to strengthen the five strategic pillars - tourism, industry, culture, education and health - from a social, environmental, economical common greater good perspective. We also sought to bring together a governance body that would be a-political, a-religious, neutral and independent to become a leader driving force for the common greater good of the canton.  

Valais 21

Philip has shared potential transversal projects - for example barometer, multi-capitalism - and transdisciplinary approaches with key societal stakeholders. Philip has brought together all the political parties into a lab to find common ways to bridge the divides within and across the parties. Philip has proposed to move from a business as usual cost reduction mindset to a creating shared value '3.0' mindset. This was done for the state via consulting firm BAKbasel.